Passive 3D


What You Call VR, I Call a CAVE

by Jon Peddie

Back in the fall of 1991, when many of you were still in school, and the old guys reading this were trying to figure out how to get two or more AIBs to work …

Tags:CAVEs| Graphics Processing| Passive 3D| Virtual Reality| Vol 24 - Issue 41

Volfoni 3D Cinema Upgrade Program

by Matthew Brennesholtz

Volfoni Limited recently announced an upgrade program for legacy 3D cinema systems. In order to get more details on the program, I got in touch with Allen Schoonmaker, recently appointed Chief Marketing Officer for …

Tags:3D Cinema| 3D Projection| Large Display Monitor| Passive 3D| Vol 24 - Issue 33

Growing Educational 3D, the Organic Way

by Len Scrogan

I’ve noticed something interesting about educational institutions over the years. Usually, once they have researched, procured, and installed a showcase display environment, that’s the last you will hear about it. That’s explains why I …

Tags:3D Content Creation| 3D display| 3D software| Active Shutter 3D| Education| Passive 3D| Vol 22 - Issue 44

MasterImage 3D Challenges RealD’s IP Portfolio

by Raverstead

Masterimage 3D is challenging the validity of four of RealD’s polarisation patents, claiming that the patents replicate pre-existing techniques. According to Masterimage 3D, RealD’s improper patent protection stalls competition in the 3D business and …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Passive 3D| Polariser-based 3D| Vol 21 - Issue 40| Volume 21

Volfoni Chosen by Asia Cinema

by Super User

Volfoni’s Smartcrystal Diamond 3D technology has been installed in the showroom shared by Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures Releasing, at Asia Cinema’s Moscow location. The passive 3D system uses a ‘triple beam’ technology, …

Tags:3D Cinema| Back Panel| Large Display Monitor| Passive 3D| Vol 21 - Issue 37| Volume 21

Audi Chooses Planar for Experience Centre

by Super User

The installation of fifty 55″ screens, from Planar, has been completed at Audi’s Driving Experience Centre in Neuberg, Germany. As well as multiple single displays, three videowalls are installed around the facility: a 4×4 …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Passive 3D| Planar| Video Walls| Vol 21 - Issue 41| Volume 21