Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) 2018


PTE 2018 Roundup

by Bob Raikes

Huawei has been in the news a lot and was at the show with a big video wall showing its systems technology. We saw this interesting application. It’s good to get travellers to use …

Tags:Aviation| Huawei| Large Display Monitor| Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) 2018| Security| Vol 25 - Issue 12

PTE 2018 Is Lively

by Bob Raikes

Although we were told by one brand (that didn’t attend) that they feared that PTE might be quiet this year as they didn’t consider Stockholm a good destination, the show seemed fine to us …

Tags:Aviation| Large Display Monitor| Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) 2018| Vol 25 - Issue 12

Samsung Exhibits at PTE For the First Time

by Bob Raikes

Samsung has not been at the PTE show before, although it has been active in the airport market segment for some time. The company has an established team that focuses on the applications and …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) 2018| Vol 25 - Issue 12

LG Shows Transparent OLED in Ground Control

by Bob Raikes

LG was at PTE for the second time. The company has been interested in the aviation market for some time, but started to really develop a full sales and support organisation to address the …

Tags:Aviation| Large Display Monitor| LG Electronics (LGE)| Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) 2018| Transparent Displays| Transport| Vol 25 - Issue 12

NEC Looking at Pressure Points

by Bob Raikes

NEC has worked for a long time on the aviation market and has developed a strong business in recent years and Richard Wilks is the specialist who looks after the business as Business Development …

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