‘FingerShadow’ Saves OLED Power

by Super User

A paper published by Microsoft Research (http://tinyurl.com/nqvq736) has shown a new way to conserve power on mobile devices. Recognising that the screen is the most power-hungry component in a smartphone, Microsoft researchers have developed …

Tags:Microsoft| Mobile Display Monitor| Other| Smartphones| Vol 21 - Issue 40| Volume 21

Bringing Tactile Feedback to an In-Air Screen

by Super User

In-air touchscreens have been seen before – usually featuring a projector and water vapour (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 1, Vol 21 No 17). However, there has been little sensation of feedback. A team …

Tags:Cinema Projection| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Other| Touchless Touch| Vol 21 - Issue 43| Volume 21