A New Means to Display 3D Images at a Long Distance

by Raverstead

3D – A team of researchers at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology (Kanagawa, Japan) headed by Masahiro Suzuki are addressing an interesting issue in 3D technology: development of a display system that is capable …

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EXCO waits for IMID 2014 to begin. (Photo: Ken Werner)

IMID by the Numbers

by Raverstead

Technology – The Korean Information Display Society’s International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) has been held each year since 2001, mostly in Daegu, South Korea — a large commercial city known, a tour guide …

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Chris on transparent 100 x 100

The End of ITO Dominance is in Sight

by Chris Chinnock Don't Use

Materials, Manufacturing and Components – Indium Tin Oxide, or ITO, is a key material for making displays. It is a transparent conductive material that applies voltage to the clear aperture in the LCD and …

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Raising the Ante: Smartur3D

by Len Scrogan Don't Use

3D in Education – To date we have counted 33 major software producers of stereo 3D educational content, worldwide. Now there are 34. A new arrival to the 3D educational software scene, Smartur3D, turned …

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aldo on transparent

Neuroscience Altering the Way Moving Images are Produced

by Aldo Cugnini Don't Use

Technology – One of the human factors that has always been extremely relevant to display technology is the way that images are perceived in the brain. In addition to the art and technology of …

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Canon Supports ITU-R BT.2020 Colour Gamut

by Super User

Display Daily – The ITU-R BT.2020 standard is the next-generation standard for broadcast and distribution. It is the defined format for both 4K (UHD-1) with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 and (in the …

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Video Over LTE Gets Closer to US Deployment

by Super User

We recently reported on how AT&T and Verizon are showing signs that they will be rolling out LTE-Broadcast. AT&T has now added more sound bites to the growing push, saying that it is building …

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