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Note 4 Arrives Ahead of Schedule

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The Galaxy Note 4 is now on sale in Korea, and will be rolled out to around 140 other countries next month. The price is KRW870,000 ($835) ex VAT.

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OLED Breakthroughs

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Unusually, we lead this week with a technical story. However, the breakthrough in blue lifetime could be significant indeed. It was 2003 when we reported two talks by David Fyfe of CDT, one of …

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Samsung Supports Students at UEL

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4,000 first-year students at the University of East London have been supplied with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. The tablets, which have eBooks pre-installed and run customised software, were supplied to aid student learning.

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Unowhy Cooks Up Third-Gen With Tegra 4

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The third generation of the Qooq tablet (Display Monitor Vol 19 No 6), by French company Unowhy, is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor (1.9GHz, quad-core). The Qooq v3 is designed for use in …

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LEDs Replace Projectors at Plasa 2014

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2014 marked our first attendance to the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (Plasa) show for several years – slightly marred by a terrible train service. Signal failures between Reading and Slough turned what should …

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France Sets Frequency Auction For 2015

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An auction of French frequencies in the 700MHz band will begin next year, President Fran

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Maxwell Extends to Laptops

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Last month (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 37), Nvidia introduced the GTX 970 and GTX 980 desktop GPUs, based on the new Maxwell architecture (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 8). Now, the company has …

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Battery Technology Must Change, ABI Urges

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The eight billion mobile devices – including smart- and feature phones, wearables, tablets and notebooks – in the world by 2019 will provide a huge base for new battery and charging technologies, says ABI …

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HTC’s ‘Selfie Phone’ Responds to Voice Commands

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While smartphones’ front-facing cameras have often been outclassed by those on the rear, recent months have seen a change in this trend. The latest smartphone to pack a powerful front camera is the HTC …

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Subsidy End Hurts TV Sales in China

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Sources says that TV sales in China during the country’s National Day holiday, at the start of October, were down between 3% and 5% YoY this year. The energy-saving subsidies that boosted sales in …

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Dell Boosts Laptop Speeds for Gamers

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Dell’s Alienware brand targets gamers: an audience emphasised by the new Alienware 18 laptop. Overclocked to 4.4GHz (Intel Core i7 Haswell processor), the product runs very quickly. A new thermal solution (copper heatsinks and …

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Gartner: 90% of Mobiles Will be Smartphones by 2018

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Tablet growth has slowed enough this year that these products will represent 9.5% of all devices worldwide. Consumers are looking at alternative devices like hybrids and phablets, as well as holding on to their …

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