Metal Oxide


IDTechEx Forecasts 8km² Area Demand for MO Backplanes

by Raverstead

IDTechEx has released a new report focusing on metal oxide (MO) backplanes. These are in use by both Sharp and LG (IGZO), and are being prototyped by Chinese companies such as BOE. 7km² of …

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Metal Oxide Backplanes Enable $16 Billion Module Market

by Super User

7km² of metal oxide backplanes will be produced for the OLED industry in 2024, says IDTechEx. In a new report (, the firm writes that this will enable a $16 billion display module market. …

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Evonik and Holst Centre Commercialise Soluble TFTs

by Super User

Evonik and the Holst Centre have been working on a new semiconductor technology called iXsenic S for the last two years. The soluble Oxide-TFT material is now being used in mass production by ‘a …

Tags:Holst Centre| Large Display Monitor| Metal Oxide| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 41| Volume 21