DS09 Beck Explains LIPA Work

by Bob Raikes

Bill Beck was wearing his hat as a representative of the Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA). It is the fifth anniversary of LIPA and he covered the association and its development. In the 1970s, …

Tags:Display Summit 2016| Infocomm 2016| Large Display Monitor| Laser Phosphor Projectors| Laser Projectors| LIPA| Vol 23 - Issue 24

LIPA Releases Recommended Industry Practice for Measuring Speckle

by Chris Chinnock

Just before Christmas, the Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) released to the public its Recommended Practice: Measurement of Speckle in Laboratory Conditions. It is a guide for laser projector makers, installers, and theater operators …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Laser Projectors| LIPA| Speckle| Vol 23 - Issue 04

LIPA Clarifies Its View on FDA/Laser Phosphor Issue

by Bob Raikes

We recently published a Display Daily (US Laser Phosphor Projectors Sales in Jeopardy Because of FDA Ruling) by Chris about the issues for laser phosphor projectors in the US, following FDA guidance. The Laser …

Tags:Laser Phosphor Projectors| LIPA| Vol 22 - Issue 31