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Apple Plugs TV, Adds a New MacBook and erm…. Shows Some Watches

by Bob Raikes

We have held off from the flood of initial streams and comment that came with the Apple announcements on Monday. We’re covering the Apple watch in detail in one article and have a separate …

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Apple Passes Samsung to Take Smartphone Market Lead

by Tom Allen

Worldwide smartphone sales reached 367.5 million units in Q4’14, rising almost 30% YoY. Gartner’s data shows that Apple displaced Samsung as the market leader – a spot that the Korean company has held since …

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Android 2014 Share Eclipses Total 2014 Smartphone Market

by Tom Allen

Android and iOS maintained their dominance of the worldwide smartphone market in Q4’14, says IDC, and in fact managed to improve their market share by double digits. These two operating systems represented 96.3% of …

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More BYOD, Fewer Displays at Toy Fair 2015

by Matthew Brennesholtz

I went to the Toy Fair 2015 in New York on February 15th. One thing I saw very little of was toys with displays in them. Instead, since everyone has an iPhone, or so …

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IDC: Record Smartphones Cannot Keep European Mobiles From Stagnation

by Tom Allen

Total mobile shipments fell 5.2% YoY in Western Europe throughout 2014 – the second consecutive year that the market has shrunk. Total shipments reached 174.1 million units. Feature phones continued to plummet, with shipments …

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Android Spurs MEA Tablet Growth

by Bob Raikes

Tablet sales grew strongly in the MEA region in Q3’14, says IDC, spurred by significant Android shipments. Volume rose 29.6%, to 4.15 million units. Growth was most evident in the consumer segment, which was …

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Smartphone Growth Halves From 2014 to 2015

by Raverstead

Almost 1.3 billion smartphones will be shipped worldwide this year, says IDC, representing a 26.3% YoY gain. Growth will slow significantly next year to 12.2%, when 1.4 billion units are forecast to be sold. …

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