intoPIX Unveils Cutting-Edge Video Transport Solutions

by Emory Kale

intoPIX will be unveiling its cutting-edge wireless displays concept at GDC 2023, featuring the company’s unique TicoXS FIP compression. This TicoXS FIP technology wirelessly connects displays with sub-one-millisecond latency and pixel-perfect quality. Catherine Stroobants, …

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intoPIX’s New JPEG XS Solutions for IP Video Production Workflow

by Artem Alekseenko

intoPIX showcases its solutions to simplify live production & post-production workflows ​​in the LAN, over the WAN & to the CLOUD ​at HPA Tech Retreat. intoPIX TicoXS FIP adds the Flawless Imaging Profile to the JPEG XS Codec to …

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