HEVC (H.265)


Digital TV Labs’ Test Suite Checks Compliance

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Digital TV Labs is launching products designed to accelerate the development and deployment of UltraHD HEVC services. The organisation’s HEVC for DVB Test Suite enables SoC, STB and TV vendors to check their products’ …

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DivX Certifies MStar

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MStar’s HEVC TV SoC will be the first digital TV chip to receive DivX’s HEVC Certification. The Certification means that the SoC can playback HEVC UltraHD video using the DivX codec.

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DivX Makes HEVC Wins

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Several new companies have been announced with products using the DivX HEVC solution. TVs from Toshiba (see Product News); LG (UltraHD models); and TCL have been named as using the format. Additionally, Wohler has …

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Media Broadcast Begins -T2 Trial

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German DTT operator Media Broadcast spoke out in support of the DVB-T2 platform in June this year (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 23). The company has now launched a pilot project to test -T2 …

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WDR Works With Media Broadcast on 2015 -T2 Trials

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German public broadcaster WDR will begin test broadcasts using DVB-T2, with HEVC, in the Cologne-Bonn area next August. The trial will be conducted with Media Broadcast, which is currently testing DVB-T2 with HEVC in …

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Openwave Claims Further Optimisation of HEVC

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Openwave Mobility, based in California, has announced a new technology designed to ease UltraHD video transmission over mobile networks. ‘Dynamo’ apparently works with all types of transmissions but is optimised for HEVC video. Openwave …

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HEVC is Realizing Promised Benefits Now

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HEVC is the latest codec for video applications and is the successor to H.264 and MPEG-2 in the broadcast environment – especially for distribution to the home via a variety of methods. At the …

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