Roku & UEI Slug it Out over Patents

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Universal Electronics (UEI), the remote control specialist, said that it has won a dispute with Roku over a patent issue. The decision was given by the US ITC and applies also …

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What Bob Saw on the Net 20/01/2020

by Bob Raikes

Most days, our editor, Bob, spends some time looking around the net for news. Here are some articles and links that he thought worth sharing… (note that registration or subscriptions may be required!) Apple …

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Philips and Magnavox Extend Licensing Partnership with Funai

by Andrew Fenn

Philips and Magnavox have extended their licensing agreements with Japanese OEM Funai, enabling the company to continue marketing, selling and distributing TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players under the Philips and Magnavox brand names, as …

Tags:Funai| Large Display Monitor| Philips| USA| Vol 25 - Issue 27

Funai Electric Signs on to Roku TV Licensing Program

by Andrew Fenn

Funai Electric has joined the Roku TV licensing program. Under the program, Funai will build Roku-powered smart TVs, to be released under the Philips brand in the US. Philips smart TVs running Roku OS …

Tags:Funai| Large Display Monitor| Philips| Roku| Smart TV| USA| Vol 24 - Issue 43

Funai Aims at Low-Cost UltraHD

by Tom Allen

Japan’s Nikkei says that Funai will launch a line of new low-cost UltraHD TVs in North America in the autumn. The TVs will be sold in Walmart under the Emerson brand, and will cost …

Tags:Funai| Large Display Monitor| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 20

Philips UltraHD TV

Philips Goes All-Out With Android

by Tom Allen

Philips and US-licensee Funai share space in the Renaissance hotel, next to the Convention Centre. The companies were mostly gathering feedback on their products for the year. A major announcement by TP Vision (the …

Tags:CES 2015| Funai| Large Display Monitor| Laser| Mobile Display Monitor| Philips| TVs (TV Sets)| Vol 22 - Issue 03

Funai Outsources Production to Asia

by Super User

Funai Electric has been experiencing problems selling TVs produced at its factory in Poland into the European market. Europe is a challenging TV market, as many countries have different requirements and licensing laws. To …

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Panasonic Will Sell Sanyo TV Business, Says Nikkei

by Super User

Reports from Japan’s Nikkei newspaper claim that Panasonic will sell its Sanyo subsidiary’s TV business in North America to Funai, which licenses the Philips TV brand in that market. An agreement on the deal’s …

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