Fraunhofer Transfers Data Quickly With IR Light

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Modules have been developed that can transfer data, wirelessly, at up to 1Gbps over a distance of 10m. Developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS), the modules rely on LiFi technology: that …

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3DIC Celebrates Second Birthday, by Changing..

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The 3D Innovation Center (3D IC) is a facility in Berlin that came out of the Fraunhofer organisation and held an event to celebrate its second birthday. This was the first time that we …

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Flexible Device Work to be Discussed by Fraunhofer

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Fraunhofer FEP will present the results of its works on flexible electronics at Plastic Electronics 2014 (7th-9th October in Grenoble, France). As well as displays, the institute has examined devices such as flexible lighting …

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360 Deg Cameras Becoming More Popular

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With the maturation of augmented and virtual reality, the need for 360 deg content is increasing. Users want to immerse themselves in a world that is different in every direction. To do this in …

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Fraunhofer’s Laser Scans From 30m

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A 3D laser scanner, based on the human eye, has been developed by three different Fraunhofer Institutes. The system can focus on key sections of an image and capture them with a high resolution. …

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