EPD (Electrophoretic)


Visionect Addresses EPD Signage Technology

by Raverstead

A company called Visionect, based in Slovenia, is working to bring electrophoretic display (EPD e.g. E Ink) signage to the mainstream market. The company has developed new hardware and software that enables custom signage …

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FES…And Similar Model is Rumoured at Sony

by Raverstead

Sony is developing a watch made of ‘electronic paper’, says Bloomberg, which could be released next year. Both the face and strap will be able to function as a display, as they will both …

Tags:EPD (Electrophoretic)| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartwatches| sony| Vol 21 - Issue 47

Sony/FES Watches Are One and the Same

by Raverstead

We recently covered a watch with an E Ink strap, by Japanese startup Fashion Electronics (FES). The same week, we noticed that a similar watch was under development by Sony. It has now come …

Tags:EPD (Electrophoretic)| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartwatches| sony| Vol 21 - Issue 48

Plastic Logic Shows Latest Demos

by Chris Chinnock

Mobile Displays – Plastic Logic was in the I-Zone at Display Week showing off its latest products and updating attendees on progress (see video). Plastic Logic make organic TFTs on flexible plastic substrates. Many …

Tags:E Ink| EPD (Electrophoretic)| Flexible Displays| Plastic Logic| SID Display Week 2014

Kobo Fends Off Dust and Water in Aura H2O

by Super User

The ‘world’s first’ waterproof eReader has been introduced by Kobo. The Aura H2O uses a 6.8″ Carta E Ink screen (an upgrade from the Aura HD’s (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 16) Pearl technology) …

Tags:EPD (Electrophoretic)| eReaders| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 34| Volume 21

E Ink Positive About Pricing Labels

by Super User

We met with E Ink in the Reseller area, where they had a table. The company was in a positive mood as Sony had announced that one of its displays was being used in …

Tags:E Ink| EPD (Electrophoretic)| IFA 2014| Large Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 36| Volume 21

Kiosk London Exhibitors Praise Quality Over Quantity

by Super User

Every year, HF Media & Events organises two shows in one: Kiosk London and Digital Signage London, which take place in London’s Barbican Centre. It is a small event, and two hours were more …

Tags:Digital Signage| EPD (Electrophoretic)| Kiosks| Large Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 41| Volume 21

Shanda Uses Hybrid Display for Week-Long Smartwatch Life

by Super User

Shanda, a Chinese manufacturer, has unveiled two smartwatches with battery life of up to a week. Using a hybrid screen, which switches between (transflective) LCD and E Ink modes, the Geak Watch 2 and …

Tags:China| EPD (Electrophoretic)| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartwatches| Vol 21 - Issue 43| Volume 21