Creative Lessons Learned in HDR Grading

by Chris Chinnock

In a panel that opened the Future of Cinema conference, a panel of creators from Inside Out and Tomorrowland discussed their experiences in creating their first HDR grades and their desires for next steps. …

Tags:Cinema| Cinema Projection| Disney| HDR - High Dynamic Range| HFR - High Frame Rate| Large Display Monitor| Laser Projectors| Mobile Display Monitor| NAB 2016| Vol 23 - Issue 16

Disney and ETH Convert 3D to AS3D in Real Time

by Tom Allen

Disney Research is working with ETH Zurich, to build a system that can convert existing stereoscopic 3D content into multiview (autostereoscopic) content in real time. A combination of computer algorithms and hardware is used …

Tags:3D Formats| Disney| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Stereo 3D| Vol 22 - Issue 50

Jaunt VR Raises Capital in Series C

by Tom Allen

Sky and Disney have increased their investment in Jaunt VR, a cinematic virtual reality firm in the USA. Germany’s ProSiebenSat.1 has also joined as an investor. The new Series C funding, which was led …

Tags:Disney| Investment| Mobile Display Monitor| Sky| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 38

Dolby Expands Studio Partners

by Tom Allen

Several companies have signed deals with Dolby, to produce films using the high-end Dolby Vision HDR format. Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox are all part of the move; they will release …

Tags:4k| Disney| Dolby| Dolby Vision| Fox| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| sony| Vol 22 - Issue 37

EC Begins Pay-TV Antitrust Investigations

by Tom Allen

The European Commission has involved six major US film studios in an antitrust filing. A Statement of Objections (a formal step in EC violations into expected antitrust inquiries) has been sent to Disney, NBC …

Tags:Disney| Europe| Fox| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Monopolies (Anti Trust)| Sky| sony| Vol 22 - Issue 31

lemans 360 video 1

Virtual Reality Intrigues Disney and Other Players

by Norbert Hildebrand

Virtual reality is still a hot topic, even though the consumer uptake in the form of device purchases is still dismal. Market growth in terms of units sold are always impressive if the base …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Disney| Game Playing| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Displays| Vol 22 - Issue 27

Disney Preserves (Some) HDR for Consumer TV

by Matthew Brennesholtz

High dynamic range (HDR) content, such as Dolby Vision, has two major problems. First, how to generate it and second, how to display it. Disney Research in Zürich has a proposed solution to the …

Tags:Disney| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 49