DirecTV’s Wrist Slapped for ‘Misleading’ Advert

by Tom Allen

DirecTV has been forced to modify an advert (, which gave the impression that all of its content was already available in UltraHD. The National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business …

Tags:4k| Advertising| DirecTV| Large Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 50

DirecTV Plans UHD in 2016

by Tom Allen

DirecTV is testing UltraHD transmissions of sports content, ahead of a formal launch. The company intends to launch UltraHD services early next year. SVP of video and space communication, Phil Goswitz, told attendees of …

Tags:4k| DirecTV| Large Display Monitor| UltraHD (4KTV)| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 48

DirecTV Raises Satellite Customers, Loses IPTV

by Tom Allen

26,000 new satellite customers joined DirecTV in the USA in Q3, following the company’s acquisition by AT&T. However, with the focus on satellite, DirecTV’s U-verse IPTV subscribers fell 91,000. The company ended the quarter …

Tags:AT&T| DirecTV| IPTV| Large Display Monitor| Satellite| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 43

DIRECTV Launches First Virtual Reality App

by Isaac Oburu

DIRECTV, now part of the AT&T* family, is taking its first jab at Virtual Reality (VR). We’re giving boxing fans a ringside seat with the new Big Knockout Boxing (BKB) VR App. The new …

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Enter the Ring With DirecTV

by Tom Allen

AT&T now owns DirecTVDirecTV has launched a virtual reality app, for owners of the Samsung Gear VR or any Google Cardboard viewers. Big Knockout Boxing shows highlights from the 27th June BKB fight at …

Tags:DirecTV| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| USA| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 41

Pay-TV Subs Rise, Revenues to Stay Flat

by Tom Allen

Pay-TV subscribers across 89 countries will increase by 200 million between 2014 and 2020, says Digital TV Research. There were 704 million subscribers in 2014, and are forecast to be 904 million by 2020. …

Tags:Comcast| DirecTV| Large Display Monitor| Liberty Global| Pay TV| Sky| SVOD| VOD| Vol 22 - Issue 41| Worldwide

DirecTV Launches 4k STB

by Tom Allen

DirecTV has launched an UltraHD set-top box. The 4k Genie Mini can be used to access DirecTV’s UHD content library, including films and documentaries. Compatible TVs must feature an HDMI connection capable of supporting …

Tags:4k| AT&T| DirecTV| Large Display Monitor| STBs| UltraHD| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 33

400,000 Customers Leave US Pay-TV

by Tom Allen

Image: Reuters The top 10 pay-TV providers in the USA lost 400,000 subscribers in Q2’15, according to Informitiv’s Multiscreen Index. This wipes out a small gain earlier in the year, although still represents less …

Tags:AT&T| Comcast| DirecTV| Dish Network| Large Display Monitor| Pay TV| Time Warner| USA| Verizon| Vol 22 - Issue 32

Pay TV Subscribers

US TV Business Continues to Change

by Norbert Hildebrand

For some time now, the TV business in the US has been changing. Discussion of cable/cord cutting or cable/cord shaving (downgrading pay TV service) is affecting all areas of the home entertainment industry. The …

Tags:Apple| DirecTV| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Netflix| OTT Video| Time Warner| Vol 22 - Issue 30

AT&T’s DirecTV Acquisition Close to Approval

by Helen Vince

Sources have told Reuters that AT&T’s planned acquisition of DirecTV is close to being approved by the US Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The two companies have been in negotiations for …

Tags:AT&T| DirecTV| Large Display Monitor| Mergers & Acquisitions| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 28

Top Pay-TV Providers End Subscriber Losses

by Tom Allen

Informitiv’s Multiscreen Index shows that the top 10 pay-TV providers in the USA gained a total of 54,800 digital subscribers in Q1. Six of the services reported a net increase: Verizon (up 90,000); AT&T …

Tags:DirecTV| Dish Network| Large Display Monitor| Pay TV| Time Warner| USA| Verizon| Vol 22 - Issue 20