400,000 Customers Leave US Pay-TV

by Tom Allen

Image: Reuters The top 10 pay-TV providers in the USA lost 400,000 subscribers in Q2’15, according to Informitiv’s Multiscreen Index. This wipes out a small gain earlier in the year, although still represents less …

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Comcast Streams Live TV

by Tom Allen

By the end of the summer, Comcast will have launched the beta test of a new service called Stream (how many meetings did it take to come up with that one, we wonder…? – …

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US Cable Companies Fight Over T-Mobile

by Tom Allen

We hear that Comcast has held talks with Deutsche Telekom, about a potential acquisition of the T-Mobile US mobile network. Dish is also said to be interested.

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Comcast Announces UHD Set Top Box for 2015

by Norbert Hildebrand

When we talk about UHD, often also misquoted as 4k, we start thinking of more pixels in our next TV set. From a business perspective we talk about what will accelerate or hinder the …

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Comcast Abandons Time Warner Bid

by Helen Vince

Comcast has terminated its $45.2 billion merger agreement with Time Warner Cable, largely because US regulators were against the merger. Go-ahead for the merger had been in doubt since March after the Federal Communications …

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Comcast Time Warner Merger Delayed to Mid-2015

by Helen Vince

Comcast says that the closure of its acquisition of Time Warner Cable has been delayed to the middle of 2015, after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicated that it needed more time to conduct …

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FCC Postpones Review of US TV Mergers

by Tom Allen

A review of Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable and AT&T’s of DirecTV has been postponed by the FCC, says the Wall Street Journal. The delay is dependent on a court decision related to …

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US Pay-TV Sees Low Growth in 2014

by Tom Allen

The 10 top US pay-TV operators lost 20,600 subscribers collectively in Q4’14, according to Informitiv’s Multiscreen Index. This compares to a loss of 45,000 in Q3. Despite these results, the companies gained 82,000 subscribers …

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Comcast Delivers UltraHD Online

by Bob Raikes

Comcast has launched its Xfinity app on Samsung’s 2014 UltraHD TVs in the USA. Customers using the app, with a 15Mbps or higher connection speed, will be able to watch UltraHD content (lower resolutions …

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Google fiber to the home

Google Fiber to the Home End Game

by Raverstead

Google 1Gbps fiber to the home boosts community GDP productivity by 1%, Source FTTH council Broadband –Search engine giant Google is beginning to make inroads, in its fiber to the home (FTH) delivery service …

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Comcast Video Losses Slow

by Super User

Comcast lost 81,000 video customers QoQ in Q3’14. The company ended the quarter with 22.3 million video customers, which represented a fall of 155,000 YoY – although this was a 36% improvement on losses …

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