Rugged Chromebook Said to Arrive in March

by Raverstead

Acer wants to introduce a rugged Chromebook in March next year, according to a source speaking to The C740 will be designed for use in classrooms, with a brushed iron metal design and …

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Rumour: Convertible Chromebook Set for 2015

by Raverstead

It has been claimed that Acer will launch an 11.6″ touchscreen Chromebook in the first half of 2015. Taiwan-based supply chain sources have said that the product will be convertible; users will be able …

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Rumour: Lenovo Developing Low-Cost Chromebook

by Raverstead

There is a rumour that Lenovo will launch a low-cost Chromebook early next year, targeting the sub-$170 segment. Members of the Taiwanese supply chain say that the product will use CPUs from Rockchip Electronics.

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Acer Leads Rapid Chromebook Growth

by Super User

Chromebook shipments were up 67% QoQ globally in Q3’14, with Acer in the lead, according to ABI Research. The market’s top three vendors (Acer, Samsung and HP) accounted for 74% of shipments in the …

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