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Samsung’s LED Demo at CinemaCon

by Chris Chinnock

Much of the same messaging and information we saw in Los Angeles on our visits to Roundabout and the Winnetka theater (Samsung Launches First U.S. LED Cinema Screen along with Post Production Facility) was …

Tags:Active Shutter 3D| Cinema going| CinemaCon 2018| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| LED Cinema| Vol 25 - Issue 17

Advancing the Roll Out of LED Cinema Screens

by Chris Chinnock

Pete Lude from Mission Rock Digital gave a presentation on the state of LED cinema screens at the HPA Tech Retreat that was similar to one he gave at IFA last September, but with …

Tags:Active Shutter 3D| Cinema| HPA Tech Retreat| Large Display Monitor| LED| LED Cinema| MicroLED| Samsung| Small Pixel Pitch LED SPP| sony| Vol 25 - Issue 08

A Visit to Trumbull Studios

by Chris Chinnock

Movie visionary, Doug Trumbull, has developed an advanced capture and display solution called Magi. It is based upon images captured and displayed in stereoscopic 3D, 4K and 120 frames per second. It is a …

Tags:Active Shutter 3D| Cinema Projection| HFR - High Frame Rate| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 24 - Issue 02

3D Alive and Well at CES Asia

by Chris Chinnock

While 3D is hard to find at CES USA, it was quite visible and seemingly popular at CES Asia. As with many companies in China, it is often difficult to know who the true …

Tags:Active Shutter 3D| Autostereo 3D| CES Asia 2016| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 19

The Relationship Between 3D Cinema and Headaches

by Arthur Berman

Researchers from University of Tartu (Tartu, Estonia) have investigated the link between 3D movies and the occurrence of headaches. Although there have been a few previous reports on this subject, the team stated that …

Tags:3D Cinema| Active Shutter 3D| Visual Ergonomics| Vol 23 - Issue 15

Amblyz Glasses Use LCD Shutters for Treating “Lazy Eye”

by Norbert Hildebrand

Once 3D TV technology for the home disappeared from the radar, many 3D glasses suppliers faced a downturn of their business outlook and started to look for other business opportunities. One of those companies …

Tags:Active Shutter 3D| Mobile Display Monitor| Stereopsis| Vol 22 - Issue 46

Growing Educational 3D, the Organic Way

by Len Scrogan

I’ve noticed something interesting about educational institutions over the years. Usually, once they have researched, procured, and installed a showcase display environment, that’s the last you will hear about it. That’s explains why I …

Tags:3D Content Creation| 3D display| 3D software| Active Shutter 3D| Education| Passive 3D| Vol 22 - Issue 44

StreamTV Moves Toward Glasses-free 3DTV Production

by Chris Chinnock

We met with StreamTV at CES where the company told us about its progress in the manufacture of glasses-free 3DTVs and new initiatives in broadcast and gaming. At NAB, we had a chance to …

Tags:Active Shutter 3D| Autostereo 3D| Broadcast| Large Display Monitor| NAB 2015| Vol 22 - Issue 17