Taco Bell Arrives in the UK With Enhanced AV Offering

Taco Bell, the world’s largest Mexican-style quick service restaurant chain is partnering with Pioneer Digital to further enhance their digital solutions across all seven UK locations. Taco Bell is highly acclaimed for its unique and craveable menu, and Pioneer Digital is helping to visually bring their world famous crunchy tacos, burritos and quesadillas to life.

Pioneer Digital was brought on board to introduce a digital menu board solution to each environment, featuring five 42” displays from LG Electronics to help diners quickly and easily negotiate their way through the menu and speed up the ordering process. These are located above the counter and displayed side by side in a landscape formation ensuring clear sightlines for everyone on approach.

Nick Dawson, General Manager for Taco Bell UK & Europe explains:

“The restaurants are the first of this new design and layout which marries a youthful, urban look with influences from California and Mexico bringing a spot of sunshine to our streets. The displays are a fantastic addition as they provide a bright and clear welcome and will allow us to update and refresh our menu as frequently as we need, showcase different products at different dayparts and ultimately make more of the space.

Mark Childerhouse, Account Manager at Pioneer Digital comments:

“Having just completed a roll out of 800 restaurants for Yum! featuring a similar technical set up, we were confident that the digital menu board approach was the right solution for Taco Bell. The IPS (In Plane Switching) technology within the LG panel improves the volume density of the liquid crystal ensuring that over time gravity defects do not occur. Enhanced viewing angles of 160° and the anti glare surface are also key for the high ambient light environment.”