Sweden-Based Symetium Looks to Crowdfunding to Bring No Compromise SmartPhone PC to Market

Sweden based Symetium, has been focused on creating the perfect phone for more than 3 years. What started as a passion project for young Entrepreneur, Jonathan Gustafsson, has quickly turned into a global social media effort to bring the no compromise smartphone PC to market.

?Gustafsson has worked diligently to bring the initial design together so that Symetium can move forward with the next stage. With nearly 30,000 likes on Facebook, Gustafsson is ready to harness the power of the crowd, with the launch of its IndieGoGo campaign on September 29th.

Although it appears as a simple mobile device, Symetium is designed to be far more than a traditional smartphone. The true purpose of Symetium according to Gustafsson was “to create a device that removes the line between mobile and desktop devices.” The original design concept was to deliver the same level performance as a full desktop PC hardware but with the form factor to meet the needs of the mobile market.

“With Symetium, I want to go past mobile operating systems and join the two together. It is time for phones to stop being phones as they are much more than that and have been for years,” said Gustafsson.

In his efforts to create the perfect blend of design and function, Gustafsson has been engaging his future customers via Social Media since the project began. As a Google YouTube partner with over 125,000 followers, he knows that by harnessing the power of the crowd, where shared ideas can make great solutions even better.

?Gustafsson has built the operating system from the ground up (based on Android Marshmallow) to work perfectly with a mouse, keyboard and touch control interface. Symetium has been designed to provide streaming UI to various displays via a portable dock or USB connection. This allows you to run multiple environments without interrupting your phone for unparalleled transfer of function and data whether at home or on the move.

“In my eyes Symetium will always be a 5 inch portable computer that can make calls and that’s how it was built. This means that there will be no limitation when it’s used without a simcard.”

The phone comes with a USB type c connection allowing it to be connected to any external HDMI supported display. Once connected, it becomes a precise trackpad for the external screen.

“Symetium is my idea of the perfect phone, both in design and functionality,” says Gustafsson.

With a target funding goal of $1.25 million for its production, Symetium is looking to disrupt the smartphone industry without compromise.

Visit the Symetium Indiegogo campaign for details.