SunScreen Unveils the Final Design of the Eos Outdoor Readable Display for Laptops, Cell Phones & Cameras

SunScreen Display Technologies LLC, located in Southern California, unveiled today the final design for Eos, which is currently being offered to consumers through a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo at

Concurrent with the design release, SunScreen dropped the price for early backers of the product from $299 to $199, making the device unique not only in performance and design but also unprecedented in price for any outdoor viewable display of any size.

Robert Rose, Managing Director of SunScreen Displays says, “We designed SunScreen for a variety of applications, including use with a laptop so you could work outside, use with a cell phone so you could see your apps and photos, and use with a camera of any kind to actually see what you are shooting in the sunshine. We were a bit surprised that the response to the initial product roll out was not as immediate as we had hoped, so we asked our followers and visitors to our Indiegogo campaign and our web site what they wanted and what would excite them to join our launch and acquire a SunScreen now rather than later on. The response was overwhelming. It was clear that everyone understood the Eos and its applications, but were not as clear on how it would look when they received it, and most people definitely indicated the price point was a barrier in their decision to jump in early. So, we sharpened our pencils, accelerated the design efforts, and decided to offer Eos to our early backers at only $199.”

Rose went on to say: “This is a one-time opportunity for our early backers who need to see their laptop, camera and cell phone screens outside. The more response we get the faster we can get SunScreen into the hands of our customers. Of course, those who have already purchased will be refunded the difference.”

Rose also invited the public to “follow us on twitter @trysunscreen and look for a tweet in the next few days endorsing SunScreen. This will come from a major sports star with close to 3 million followers who has tried out Eos in the sunshine and loves it.”

About SunScreen Display Technologies, LLC: The company is incorporated in Nevada and headquartered in Orange County California. It was formed as a subsidiary of Cypher Scientific, LLC a successful Southern California based design engineering company specializing in video conversion, power and display systems. The mission of SunScreen Display Technologies is to bring daylight viewable display devices, from small screens to large, into the hands of the average consumer at affordable prices and help get everyone “out into the sunshine.”