Ströer to Expand Digital Roadside Information Network

Ströer has announced plans to greatly expand its digital roadside portfolio by the end of the year, Invidis reports.

The company plans to build a further 20 city information networks using 200 individual systems by the end of 2017, with its next installation taking place in the German city of Ulm.

Ströer won the tender for providing Ulm with a new, modern advertising solution back in June.

There are plans for six roadside LED displays to be placed at central traffic intersections, displaying weather reports and other relevant local information, as well as digital advertising and marketing materials.

One of Ströer’s roadside LED displays in action in Wuppertal.

In addition to the roadside displays, a network of City Lights posters will be deployed around the city in busy public areas such as bus stops. Companies will be able to advertise on the network from 2018 onwards.