Ströer Result 12/05/2017

Ströer announced its 2017 Q1 result with revenues at €281 million ($306 million) and net profit of €25 million ($27 million). The revenue increased by 24% on a quarterly basis while the net profit increased by 18%. The organic sales growth was around 9%, while the operational EBITDA grew significantly by 20% on a quarterly basis to reach €56 million ($61 million).

The digital segment was able to further expand revenues in the quarter across all product groups, with sales rising by 59%, on a quarterly basis to reach €147.9 million ($161.2 million). Operational EBITDA also developed positively, rising by 46% to €35.2 million ($38.2 million).

Given the strong first quarter performance, the company confirmed its current guidance of more than €320 million Operational EBITDA with a group turnover of around €1.3 billion ($1.4 billion) for 2017.