Lots of PCs – part 2

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was trying to simplify my life by using my notebook PC both at home to replace my home PC and for all my work. I promised to report back, but so far I haven’t.The experiment has been very successful and my home PC was recently retired to service with one of my daughters after several months of non-use. But I still have a smartphone and would like to try a tablet.

Part of the reason for not trying the tablet is that I really don’t want to have yet another system to maintain and keep synchronised. However, if I could have all my software ‘stuff’ in a module that worked in my smartphone, (with the new 1280 x 720 Hitachi display), with a notebook dock that gave me a bigger (and higher resolution) screen and also with the notebook dock display as a tablet, then I think I would be very, very happy. Especially if LTE connectivity meant that I could connect at high speed to the corporate server where my virtual machine with my ‘work stuff’ was located and even more if I could have a single contract that gave me global connectivity at a reasonable price.

I would also want a desktop dock (or a docking station for the notebook dock!) that could drive multiple high resolution displays and a high quality keyboard, as I care about ergonomics and, for all day computing sessions, these are essential.

This, of course, is the dream of Google and almost everyone except Microsoft and Intel. Both are struggling to assert themselves in these areas, although the recent deal with Nokia will not do much harm to Microsoft. If the deal means the best of those two companies being combined, it will lead to some great products. If it leads to the worst, then Nokia’s days might be numbered in its current form.

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