Skyworth “Chinese Dream” Showcased On Huge Display Screen Overlooking New York’s Times Square

“Chinese Dream” was displayed on the huge display screens overlooking New York’s Times Square and Tokyo’s Ginza on the morning of August 15, in the respective local times of the two locations. A 30-second video clip promoting Chinese home appliance leader Skyworth displayed to visitors and passers-by in New York and Tokyo an impressive fiery red background color and landscapes, letting the corporate slogan “Skyworth’s Chinese Dream Is Displayed Worldwide” become a household expression across Asia and the United States.

The “Chinese Dream”-themed video clip conveyed the Chinese maker’s confidence in China, in Chinese products and services and in what China can offer the world. Simple yet eye-catching, the video clip included images capturing the grandeur of Tiananmen Square, the magnificent thoroughfares for parades, a space rocket soaring into the sky and Skyworth’s contribution to China, showing China in the midst of a burgeoning period during a long and arduous journey towards taking its rightful place among the leader nations of the world.

The video clip is a reminder of the disgrace suffered by the people of China in recent history and, with the display on the huge screen overlooking the famous New York square, confirms the message that China does not accept or recognize the ruling of the South China Sea Arbitration and will not participate in or execute the demands of the ruling. Despite challenges, China is on its way to becoming a global economic powerhouse. Skyworth sees itself as highly representative of China’s manufacturers today, and the release of the “Chinese Dream”-themed video clip at one of the world’s most well-known destinations is a testament to the strength of leading companies in China today. China’s rise in recent years has been accompanied by the pursuit of excellence on behalf of Chinese makers through continuous improvements in products and corporate competence. With the “Chinese Dream” in mind, the Chinese people have been unremitting in their efforts to support the country’s successful rejuvenation.

Although it is already becoming a regular event for Chinese firms to make an appearance on world famous platforms such asNew York’s Times Square and Japan’s Ginza, the corporate slogan “Skyworth’s Chinese Dream Is Displayed Worldwide” is especially impressive due to its strong feelings for home and country. The “Chinese Dream” is a dream of the revitalization that is leading China to prosperity. With the manufacturing industry as the backbone of China’s national economy in mind, Skyworth has actively responded to the guidance from national authorities and has speeded up its pace in research and development. As articulated in the video, “enhancing China’s stature through industry and manufacturing with ingenuity is the dream of every person at Skyworth.” Skyworth has integrated the goal of the “Chinese Dream” into enterprise development and product innovation.

Looking carefully at the 30-second video clip, you may see one of Skyworth’s products enduring the clip’s closing seconds. The product that appeared in the video clip is “G7”, a new flagship product which is a part of the Skyworth “Chinese Dream” series that incorporates the manufacturer’s best resources in terms of research, production, supply, sales and services as well as the highest quality hardware quality and premium content. Skyworth G7, with top-of-the-line configurations including benchmarked 4-color HDR image quality, newly upgraded Dolby Advanced Audio v2, 25-core processors, is considered as one of the products with highest technology qualifications within the sector.

After 28 years of development, Skyworth has won many awards, including China’s Advanced Enterprise on Service Quality, Top Ten Best Enterprises for After-sales Service in China, Top 50 Listed Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region and Contribution Award to China’s Aerospace Industry. As an industry leader in the Chinese market in the process of expanding in the international market, Skyworth has now grown to be one of the top six color TV brands worldwide.

The appearance of Skyworth’s video clip in New York, U.S.A. and Tokyo, Japan showcases the strength of Chinese manufacturers and the strong patriotic feeling felt by every Skyworth employee and is expected to greatly boost the international image of Chinese enterprises.