SKY Devices Expands its Smartphone Collection by Introducing SKY 7.0W, One of Two of 7-Inch Screen Phablets

In October, SKY Devices, the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in its category in North America, is unveiling SKY 7.0W, one of two of the company’s first 7-inch phablets; combining superior smartphone capabilities with the essential features of a tablet. The new model joins the current ten-model collection, furthering SKY Devices’ leading-edge quality and design that is made in the U.S.

SKY Devices is leading the segment’s inevitable modernization with SKY7.0W; an elegantly-shaped phablet with rounded edges, a resilient smooth back with a full 7-inch screen, and a 5MP back camera and 2MP front camera. The device’s built-in memory is 4GB ROM and 512MB RAM, offering a remarkable expandable slot for up to 64GB. The exceptional memory size allows you to save and access all the videos, images and apps you would need and want on your phablet. SKY7.0W is offered in gold, silver and gun metal.

SKY Devices has introduced its modernistic line of smartphones early in 2014, and quickly gained popularity among both distributors and end-users in need to a high-quality smartphone at a great price and with reliable, quick customer service. SKY Devices manages to offer all three components with its SKY Squadron, a 1-800 line for all technical questions related to the devices.

The complete collection may be viewed at the shows, online at or at authorized dealers’ locations.