Simplifying USB Extension with Valens’ VA6000 Chipset

Valens, the developer of HDBaseT technology and co-founder of the HDBaseT Alliance, is expanding the possibilities in the audiovisual sector by enabling unprecedented extension of USB 2.0, in addition to Ethernet, audio and control interfaces for up to 100m over a single twisted pair.

Valens’ VA6000 chipset is a flexible solution that enables the convergence and extension of multiple interfaces, and addresses multiple applications:

  • USB 2.0, 100Mbps Ethernet, I2S, I2C and UART for up to 100m
  • USB 2.0 and 1G Ethernet, I2S, I2C and UART for shorter distances

The VA6000 is a more cost-effective and compact (13x13mm) device for many USB-focused applications (such as USB cameras and USB audio products). It is an optimized solution for conference rooms applications and interactive touch kiosks. The VA6000 is also well suited for IP/Ethernet-focused applications, such as video walls, video-on-demand systems, and more. Since the VA6000 utilizes only one single pair out of the four available pairs in a Category cable, it enables vendors the simplicity and flexibility to use the remaining pairs to deliver necessary power or other controls over the same cable.

The VA6000 supports both point-to-point and daisy-chain topologies, leading to reduced installation costs, lower chip and connector counts and increased flexibility in system design. Valens’ chipsets are specifically designed to handle harsh electromagnetic and environmental interferences, guaranteeing high-quality performance. HDBaseT robustness enables vendors the flexibility to leverage standard connectors (e.g. RJ45, RJ11, RJ9) and cables, or customized ones.

HDBaseT is optimized for time-sensitive, high-throughput networks, ensuring delivery of real-time data with near-zero latency over low-cost cables.

“The VA6000 ability to converge and extend USB2.0 and several other applicable interfaces for up to 100m over a standard category cable brings considerable benefits for AV manufacturers,” said Gabi Shriki, Head of Valens’ Audio-Video Business Unit. “Vis-à-vis existing alternatives, the VA6000 not only has a significantly smaller form factor, with less power dissipation, but it is also a more cost-effective solution. Vendors can now leverage the VA6000 to build products that are affordable without compromising robustness and performance, a must in our sector.”

The VA6000 is now commercially available.

Valens’ VA6000 capabilities will be showcased at the HDBaseT Alliance’s stand at ISE 2019 (Stand 5-S110), in Amsterdam. To schedule a meeting with a Valens representative at the show, please contact [email protected].

About Valens

Established in 2006, Valens provides semiconductor products for the distribution of ultra-high-definition (HD) multimedia content. The company’s HDBaseT technology enables long-reach connectivity of devices over a single cable and is a global standard for advanced digital media distribution. Valens is a private company headquartered in Israel, with two main business units – audiovisual and automotive. For more information, visit

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