Sigmaintell Research Releases TV Panel Pricing Trend Forecast

According to the latest Sigmaintell Research data, TV display panel factories maintained a higher utilisation rate and also added new supply capacity to drive supply growth in May, even though the market is in oversupply.

Analysts say that the price of panels remained relatively large during the month, which will make it more difficult for manufacturers to generate profit. In June, the overseas market will gradually enter its peak stocking season, so price reduction is expected to narrow.

The new data indicates that the price of 32″ panels maintained a sharp decline, falling by more than $5 in May. The decline in June is expected to shrink to $3. Meanwhile, the decline of the 39.5″ to 43″ segment has been widened in May due to weak demand and high panel inventories. The average price for June is expected to fall by $5.

As for 49″ to 50″ panels, stock is still on the high side and the average price is expected to maintain a decline of about $5 to $6. 55″ panel prices fell $5 in May, and are expected to drop another $5 in June. For 65″ panels, there was a larger decline in May. It is expected that the segment’s June decline will reduce to under $10.