Shuttle Announces Partnership with Quividi

Shuttle has announced a new deal with digital signage analytics firm Quividi. The new agreement will see the two companies work together to create digital signage players with on-board Quividi audience analysis tools.

Quividi’s VidiReports software is capable of detecting consumers’ age, gender, demographic, physical attributes and even their mood. The technology is also able to adjust displayed advertising content in real-time dependent on what characteristics it detects.

The partnership between Quividi and Shuttle is in an early testing phase, with Shuttle’s DH110 media player being used for initial benchmark experiments to see if the hardware is capable of working with the technology.

DH110 low 3d view L

The DH110 features an Intel® built-in HD graphics engine and can support UHD playback on up to two screens via HDMI and DisplayPort.