Sharp Launches ‘Advanced Multi-Board’ to Link up Big Pads


Sharp Europe today launches software that makes it possible to join together up to three 80” BIG PAD Pros, to create one huge interactive flat panel display. The ‘Advanced Multi-Board’ set-up, with three BIG PADs side-by-side, creates a surface that is 5.4m wide. Six people can work on the display at the same time.

Christopher Parker, Senior Product Manager, Visual Solutions, Sharp Europe, said: “When it comes to brainstorming, collaborating and sharing ideas, bigger is always better. We see the Advanced Multi-Board set-up being really useful in boardrooms, control rooms and university lecture halls, where large amounts of data need to be worked on and shared.”

Advanced Multi-Board has been designed to be easy to configure, and to deliver the same experience as using a single BIG PAD Pro. This includes features like Pen Software, which lets you write with a special pen as easily as writing on paper and P-CAP touch, a highly responsive touch technology, similar to that used in smartphones.

Advanced Multi-Board is available now from Sharp partners across Europe.

Feature Benefit
Smooth and responsive P-CAP 10-point touch Advanced Multi-Board drivers provide smooth and highly responsive capacitive P-CAP touch display technology for up to six users at the same time.
Sharp Pen Software Sharp Pen Software allows you to write, draw and make notes in a natural way.
Three 80″ BIG PAD Pros linked together equivalent to a single 212” interactive display When combined, the interactive displays and Advanced Multi-Board software create a large collaborative surface of 212” (540cm) with up to 5760 x 1080 pixels, offering the space for several users to use different portions of the BIG PAD Pro at the same time.