SDVoE Alliance to Present Online Training Events: Deploying Zero-latency AV-over-IP Systems Using SDVoE Technology

Beginning March 8, the SDVoE Alliance will present a webinar series titled “Deploying Zero-latency AV-over-IP Systems Using SDVoE Technology”. The sessions will focus on Ethernet as the transport for AV signals in professional AV environments and the ecosystem around the SDVoE platform which allows software to define AV applications. Attendees will learn what they need to know to get started — how to configure SDVoE endpoints and networks, and how to use them to impress clients.

“The initial SDVoE education and training sessions we held at ISE 2107 played to packed houses and provided an overwhelming indicator of the industry’s hunger for AV-over-IP standards,” said Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance. “Education is a central mission of the SDVoE Alliance and it’s particularly important now that every major manufacturer of AV signal management gear seems to have an IP solution – the matrix switch truly is dead! However, meeting the performance capabilities of the matrix switch cannot be done using high compression and 1G networks. That is still only possible using 10G networks. Only SDVoE technology delivers 4K without compromise, offering the flexibility and scalability of Ethernet, without latency and image artifacts.”

Registration for the webinars is at

All AV distribution and processing applications that demand zero-latency, uncompromised video can benefit from SDVoE technology, which provides an end-to-end hardware and software platform for AV extension, switching, processing and control through advanced chipset technology, common control APIs and interoperability. SDVoE network architectures are based on off-the-shelf Ethernet switches thus offering substantial cost savings and greater system flexibility and scalability over traditional approaches such as point-to-point extension and circuit-based AV matrix switching.