Samsung’s BOM Win in Mobile Hints at High End Dominance

The Pixel 7 Pro’s bill of materials (BOM) is about 50% Samsung and Oppo’s new foldable phone uses Samsung Displays. In both cases, Samsung’s winning the high-end of the Android phone market with its display technology.

Source: Counterpoint

The teardown of the Pixel 7 Pro by Counterpoint revealed the significance of Samsung’s role in helping Google position itself in the smartphone market. Not only is Samsung supplying display technology, but it is also a joint-developer, through Samsung LSI, of Google’s Tensor G2 processor.

Chinese smartphone giant, Oppo, has jumped into the foldable market with two offerings, the Find N2 and Find N2 Flip.

Source: Omdia

Samsung’s going to dominate at the high-end of the smartphone market if for no other reason than it can. The company’s intention to continue to invest while others pull back may prove to be have been a very wise move. The top end of the smartphone market will probably take less of a hit than other tiers simply because if you are going to splurge on something during a downturn it might as well be something really cool and new. Samsung will sew up those opportunities on the Android side which should also trickle down into other design wins.

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