Samsung Wins CES Award for Accessibility Features

Samsung said that its had won a CES 2016 Best of Innovation Award in the Accessible Tech category for one of its new Smart TVs. Features that contributed to the award included:

  • Voice Guidance: A More Convenient User Experience
  • Amplify and Clear Voice: Improving Sound Clarity
  • New Graphical User Interface: Enhanced Readability

Samsung’s Voice Guidance feature is intended to make a range of TV functions easier to use, including setup, web browsing and other steps typically only shown on screen. Samsung claims that using their normal conversational voice, people can easily interact with the TV, for example to record upcoming programs and manage various Smart TV applications, as well as to request information such as show times and program titles.

The Amplify function of Samsung Smart TV is designed to enhance high-frequency sounds to further improve sound clarity. Another Clear Voice function is claimed to make spoken dialogue easier to hear by adjusting frequency of the voices in the TV.

The new Smart TV’s graphical user interface is said to offer better overall on-screen readability with twice the contrast of previous models.