Samsung Stretchable Display at SID 2017 Display Week

On the SID Display Week 2017 expo show floor (and in a closed viewing space, Samsung debuted a new two-way stretchable AMOLED display. This took the form of a dynamic stretchable 9.1-inch AMOLED that can extend up to 12 millimeters travel in two directions while maintaining a high resolution (unlike previous flexible panels) before returning to its original shape.

Images from Youtube screen shot, as no photography was allowed in the viewing booth, Source: company

sid 17 samsung stretch2Split screen image of stretchable AMOLED display posted on Youtube, Source: company

It’s new AMOLED display technology is called “the world’s first extensible OLED panel (extensible AMOLED.)” and is the winner of “Best in Show” (BIS) at SID Display Week 2017 (Large exhibit category.) It was truly a show stopper on the exhibit floor. The Samsung booth had consistent lines that formed from the opening of the show floor until closing to view the technology. In fact the only way it could be considered by the SID BIS committee was for Samsung personnel to offer an exclusive viewing at the end of Tuesday’s expo.

The company said it’s just one of numerous iterations of its flexible displays, including it’s line of “edge displays” currently shipping on several Samsung phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

There is a published split-screen video of the stretchable dynamic display on Youtube. So are we looking at the future of displays, or simply a technology that exists, simply because we figured out how to do it? I’ll pose the question, but leave the answer to you. Stephen Sechrist

Analyst Comment

Samsung had a lot of other demonstrations on its booth, but as far as we could see, all of these are shipping products, in line with Samsung’s policy of the last couple of years. (BR)