Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV Line Up Now Available to Buy in the UK

Samsung Electronics UK today announced that its spectacular new line up including SUHD Quantum dot display TV’s are now available to buy in the UK. Featuring the largest range of Ultra HD Premium certified models, the world’s first bezel-less curved design, the smartest user experience and IOT hub technology, Samsung’s latest TV range is its most extraordinary yet.

Unbeatable SUHD Picture Quality

With 10-bit Quantum Dot Display technology and HDR 1000, all Samsung’s SUHD TV’s, including the KS9800, KS9500, KS9000, KS8000, KS7500 and the KS7000 deliver the most true-to-life picture quality, with stunning brightness, exceptional contrast and the most life like colours. Samsung’s SUHD range are all Ultra HD Premium certified, meaning they have met or exceeded a number of requirements including brightness, colour, contrast and resolution in order to qualify for this exceptional standard.

HDR 1000 technology also provides a true to life viewing experience, allowing the TV to show detail in the brightest light and the darkest shadows. All of Samsung’s SUHD Quantum dot display TVs can achieve 1,000nits peak brightness which meets the industry standards of how HDR content is being mastered, meaning viewers can watch content exactly as the creator intended.

Four years after Samsung introduced the first Curved TVs to the world, the new range includes the world’s first bezel-less Curved TV, the KS9000 which delivers a more immersive viewing experience than ever before. With no bezel, the viewer’s attention is focused purely on the amazing content on screen. In keeping with this design ethos, Samsung has eliminated unnecessary elements, even removing screws from the rear of the TV, creating an elegant product that looks beautiful from every angle.

Certified UHD Colour and Clarity

Samsung’s full range of UHD TVs are all certified true UHD by Digital Europe meaning the number of RGB pixels on the screen match the 8.3million pixel resolution which ensures enhanced colour and clarity.

UHD Crystal Colour TVs

In addition, people can see stunningly natural and lifelike pictures through Samsung’s new UHD Crystal Colour technology meeting Digital Europe and CEA UHD picture quality standards. This latest screen technology delivers an enhanced pixel and chip set for a superior picture quality experience with stunning contrast and over 17 million true to life colours with intense shades in a colour space 20% wider than conventional UHD.

A Seamless Entertainment Experience

Samsung’s Smart TVs make it easier for people to discover and access all their favourite content – from TV and movies to games and program information thanks to the Smart Hub it’s all housed in one place. Never before has streaming UHD movies on Netflix or catching up on Game of Thrones through Amazon been easier with just 3 clicks needed to reach your favourite content. The new Premium Smart remote can control and automatically detect multiple devices meaning you don’t have to go hunting for all those separate remote controls.

Samsung’s entire range of Smart TV’s also include cloud based gaming, opening up a world of console-less video gaming, where you can access a wealth of video games from the cloud straight to your TV.

The Gateway to the Connected Home

This brand new range of TVs also feature IoT hub technology, in collaboration with Samsung Smart Things. This feature allows customers to connect their TV to the Samsung SmartThings hub and open up a whole new world of automation. Now you can control the TV and over 200 SmartThings compatible devices – whether it’s to lock the front door, check who’s ringing the doorbell or to dim the lights and turn the TV on ready for your favourite movie.

AudioLab Sound Engineering

Engineered by Samsung Audio Lab specialists, the sound quality featured in the 2016 SUHD TV range promises the most optimised sound output yet, delivering an enhanced audio experience from the most advanced design and sound engineering facility in the world.

Plus, with Samsung TV SoundConnect, you can automatically connect TVs in the range to Samsung Soundbars, all without wires, letting you enjoy powerful sound that brings your favourite TV programs, movies and music to life.

“At Samsung, we are committed to offering our customers the best possible entertainment experience. Our 2016 line up of SUHD TVs delivers on this promise, offering outstanding picture quality, an intuitive user experience and Smart Hub integration,” said Robert King, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland. “We’re delighted to be bringing the range to our UK and Ireland customers and providing an immersive viewing experience to more homes across the country.”

The 2016 SUHD TV line up is available to purchase now online and in store from retailers including Currys and John Lewis and many other retailers, with prices starting from £1,299.