Samsung’s 14″ OLED Panel Suggests Laptop at IMID

The International Meeting of Information Display (IMID) exhibition took place in Korea recently, with a range of products on show from both LG Display and Samsung Display.

According to local media, SDC was due to show a particularly interesting panel: a 14″ OLED unit, covering 100% sRGB. It was said to have 2560 x 1440 resolution; the largest such unit to do so (other panels with the same resolution were as small as 5.1″) (OLED is not a natural technology to use for a monitor, as it is generally less efficient than LCD when showing mostly white backgrounds – like webpages and word processing documents – TA).

While the 14″ was SDC’s largest OLED unit, the company was also said to have shown others as small as 1.63″: the curved displays used on the company’s Galaxy Gear smartwatches. In the LCD space, SDC was showing 55″ – 78″ UltraHD TV panels and 27″ and 34″ curved units.

LGD – again, according to Korean media – was focusing on OLED and touchscreen technology. 5″ smartphone and 7″ tablet panels were shown, as well as an embedded touch technology called ‘Advanced In-Cell Touch’ (AICT).

LGD says that AICT has an improved touch sensitivity, which can support high resolution-displays without adding additional circuitry. Display bezels can thus be minimised to ‘less than 1mm’. Similar but unrelated is the company’s narrow bezel technology, which at IMID was shown on 55″ and 98″ screens, as well as a 3D videowall (3.5mm bezels).

‘High-definition’ automotive panels, as well as high-definition and UltraHD panels for mobile devices, were also on show. LGD also had a range of its older products, such as curved 55″ – 105″ LCD TVs and its curved 34″ monitor panel.

Display Daily Comments

IMID was still taking place at the time of writing, so we have been unable to confirm which of these products actually had a showing at the event. (TA)