Samsung Reacts to Positive LG G6 Sales

LG G6 PhoneLG Electronics said that it sold 30,000 units of its G6 phone in Korea in the first two days after the launch on the 10th of March, with pre-orders of 82,000 between March 2nd and the 10th. The good result is said to have provoked Samsung into launching a teaser video for the Galaxy S8 which will be launched on 29th March.

“The LG G6 sold 20,000 units on the first day of sales, a record high compared to its predecessors. The figure was higher than double and quadruple that of theGalaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy A5,” said Kim Dong-won, an analyst of KB Securities, quoted in the Korea Herald.

Analyst Comment

LG would love to make the most of the delay in the S8 launch, as the mobile division of LG lost a lot of money last year ($1.1 billion). The G6 does look like a pretty good phone, but it doesn’t really stand out when compared to phones such as the Google Pixel, unless you care about video quality and have access to Dolby Vision content! For more, see our MWC report (LG G6 Emphasises Display and HDR) (BR)