Samsung PIDs Now Available from Crystal Display Systems

Stretched professional information display (PID) panels from Samsung are now available from UK distributor Crystal Display Systems (CDS). The panels come in 29″ (1920 × 540) and 37″ (1920 × 540) and are manufactured using native glass sizes, rather than being machine-cut and reassembled. CDS said that the main benefits of these panels are high product reliability for 24/7 operation, innovative design using native mask LCD glass sizes, as well as an ultra-wide viewing angle and 110°C TNI, for extended temperature use.

The 29″ model features 500 cd/m² brightness with an aspect ratio of 32:9, while the 37″ has a brightness of 700cd/m². While conventional bar displays are made using machine-cut LCD cells, Samsung’s stretched PID panels are made using a native-cut cell. This gives the Samsung panels an advantage regarding issues like broken glass or sealing, micro-cracks, light leakage or failures due to transport or unsuitable packing.

CDS added that, due to their unique design, Samsung’s stretched PID panels are suitable for a range of different applications such as transportation, digital signage, retail, kiosks and vending machines.