Samsung Launches Affordable Crystal 4K iSmart UHD TVs in India

Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, has unveiled its latest lineup of Crystal 4K iSmart UHD TVs. These TVs combine advanced technology and affordability to provide an immersive home entertainment experience. The Crystal 4K iSmart UHD TV range features flagship features such as a Built-in IoT-Hub, IoT Sensor for brightness adjustment, and Video Calling with SlimFit camera. With One Billion True Colors, viewers can enjoy crystal-clear picture quality.

Source: Samsung

The new lineup is available for purchase on popular online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Samsung Shop. The affordable prices make these TVs accessible to Indian consumers on a budget.

ModelScreen SizePrice Range
Crystal 4K UHD TV 43″43 inchesINR 33,990 ($413)
Crystal 4K UHD TV 50″50 inchesINR 40,990 ($496)
Crystal 4K UHD TV 55″55 inchesINR 46,990 ($570)
Crystal 4K UHD TV 65″65 inchesINR 71,990 ($874)

Common Features:

  • Built-in IoT-Hub with Calm Onboarding for seamless connections with Samsung devices and third-party appliances.
  • Video Calling with SlimFit Cam (TV webcam) for video calls and web conferences on the TV screen.
  • One Billion True Colors for a realistic representation of every color.
  • Smart Hub for content curation and discovery.
  • IoT Sensor for automatic brightness adjustment based on ambient light conditions.