Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 Teaser Features on Billboards All Around the World

Ahead of the much-anticipated Galaxy Unpacked event on February 20, Samsung Electronics is continuing to tease the exciting future of its flagship smartphone line with its latest out-of-home (OOH) billboard campaign globally, following an initial launch in early January in Paris’s Place de la Concorde.

People passing by iconic landmarks the world over, including New York City’s Times Square, Milan’s Piazza del Duomo, Madrid’s Callao Square, Moscow’s Hydroproject Building and Singapore’s The Heeren, can now catch a glance of this campaign that showcases the beauty of Korean letters, Hangeul in a dynamic and bold way.

The campaign displays imagery which translates to “The future unfolds”, teasing an exciting future for the new Galaxy lineup as well as a bold new vision for the Galaxy brand that will drive the future of smartphone innovation.

Curious as to what exactly the future holds for the Galaxy brand? There isn’t long to wait now – Samsung Galaxy Unpacked will be held in San Francisco on February 20. In the meantime, take a look at the pictures of the globe-spanning campaign below.

Unpacked 2019 OOH main 2 Times Square NYC 1

Unpacked 2019 OOH main 3 Times Square NYC

A Samsung billboard with the message ‘The Future Unfolds’ takes center stage in New York City’s iconic Times Square

Unpacked 2019 OOH main 3 Piazza del Duomo Rome

A LED billboard, hinting at exciting things at Unpacked 2019, watches over tourists and locals alike going about their day in Milan’s famed Piazza del Duomo

Unpacked 2019 OOH main 4 Callao Square Madrid

Pedestrians go about their day under an Unpacked teaser billboard in Callao Square, Madrid

Unpacked 2019 OOH main 5 F The Hereen Singapore

Vehicles zoom past an eye-catching billboard display on the side of Singapore’s The Heeren building