Samsung Foundry Revenue Up 14% on Smartphone Demand

Samsung Foundry’s revenue grew 14.1% quarter-over-quarter in Q3’23 to $3.69 billion, driven by strong orders for mobile phone chips and display components, according to market research firm Trendforce. The demand was fueled by Qualcomm application processor orders for mid-to-low end 5G and 4G Android devices, 5G modems, and Samsung’s own 28nm OLED display driver integrated circuits.

Source: Trendforce

Trendforce reported the total Q3 revenue for the top 10 foundries reached around $28.29 billion. TSMC maintained its commanding market share of over 58%, with sales growing 10.2% to $17.25 billion. TSMC’s advanced manufacturing processes under 7 nanometers accounted for close to 60% of its total Q3 revenues. The company’s cutting-edge 3nm node contributed around 6% of revenue as production ramped up and it widened the gap between itself and Samsung. Intel’s foundry business benefited from seasonal laptop chip demand and early production of leading-edge nodes.

Overall, the global semiconductor foundry market continues to show resilience, with the top 10 foundries by revenue experiencing 7.9% quarterly growth in Q3’23.