Samsung Cuts OLED Panel Production as iPhone X Disappoints

Samsung Electronics will greatly reduce its OLED panel production, following the news that Apple is reducing its own output of the iPhone X by 50%, following the device’s disappointing sales performance according to Nikkei.

Apple recently reduced its production estimate for the iPhone X in the first quarter of 2018 from 40 million units to 20 million. (Apple Cuts iPhone X Production by 50% Due to Low Sales)

Analyst Comment

This is not really news, we’ver covered it a lot over recent weeks, but Nikkei certainly feels that it can be confident on Samsung’s plans. It reported that Samsung has not yet decided how many flexible OLEDs to make in Q2. Of course, if Apple reviewed its pricing for the iPhone X, it might drive volume. Clearly, a big factor in the cost of the iPhoneX is the OLED and touch assembly. Will there be a significant re-alignment? (BR)