Samsung Corrects Weak Colour Vision With OLED

At IMID 2014, Samsung Display (SDC) introduced a 14″ OLED panel (rumoured recently, in Display Monitor Vol 21 No 41). Sources list the resolution as ‘WQUXG’, although this resolution does not exist and likely refers to WQUXGA, which is 3840 x 2400 (we suspect that there is an error here – TA).

Also at the show, SDC showed off three display modes that its OLED technology can achieve. The first, ultra power-saver, is already used in some of Samsung Electronics’ smartphones; it turns the display monochrome (the pixels showing the black parts are turned off). A regular smartphone with 63% battery will last for up to eight days in this mode.

The second function Samsung demonstrated was ‘colour weakness’ mode. People with weak colour vision can use this to more easily distinguish between reds and greens, as the brightness of these pixels can be enhanced. Finally, super-dimming mode will reduce brightness to between 1 and 2 cd/m