Samsung Bringing Larger Screens to Home Appliances With Tizen Update

At the Samsung Developer Conference 2023 (SDC23) held at Moscone Center, San Francisco, Samsung Electronics showcased its vision for hyper-connected living and the importance of a strong ecosystem for developers and partners.

Source: Samsung

Jong-Hee (JH) Han, vice chairman, CEO, and dead of the device eXperience (DX) division, highlighted the expansive use of Samsung products globally. Over 500 million Samsung products are sold annually, with over 600 million Samsung account users. Han discussed advancements in Samsung’s range of devices and applications such as the SmartThings ecosystem, Bixby virtual assistant, and Samsung Knox security platform.

Jaeyeon Jung, executive VP and head of SmartThings, stressed on Samsung’s commitment to enhancing device interoperability and expanding the SmartThings home ecosystem. Samsung supports open home standards like Matter and the Home Connectivity Alliance. New features were introduced in the SmartThings platform through the Multi Hub Network and SmartThings Home API. Anil Yadav, head of Bixby Lab at Samsung Research America, shared Samsung’s future vision for Bixby. The focus is on deeper home integration, enabling Bixby to adapt to user preferences and optimize multi-device connectivity.

Source: Samsung

Hobum Kwon, VP on the Platform Team, discussed advancements in Tizen, Samsung’s open-source operating system. Tizen is being expanded to home appliances with larger displays, with enhanced graphic details. Samsung is also intensifying developer support with an upgraded Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK). Bongjun Ko, executive VP of Application Software R&D Group, showcased the elevated Tizen TV experience. New features include the Samsung Gaming Hub on various screens, Chat Together for enhanced social interaction, and Relumino Mode for improved accessibility.

Sally Hyesoon Jeong, VP of Framework R&D Group, introduced One UI 6 designed for Galaxy devices, with enhanced usability, intelligent photo/video editing, and a fresh interface. The launch of the Galaxy SmartTag2 was also announced, boasting a compact design, extended battery life, and improved durability.

Hon Pak, VP of the Digital Health Team, emphasized the integration of devices, data, and services for optimized digital health experiences. Samsung introduced the Samsung Privileged Health SDK, Samsung Health Stack 1.0, and announced a partnership with MIT Media Lab focusing on sleep and mental health research.