Sales of LG Monitors Stopped by Apple

LG’s Ultrafine Display is affected by Wi-FiThe LG UltraFine 5K display is no longer being sold in Apple stores due to the reported WiFi interference issues. WiFi Interference Issue with LG Ultrafine 5K DisplaysApple discontinued selling its Thunderbolt display last October and then announced the collaboration with LG, as the replacement external Retina display provider for the new MacBook Pro.

When the LG UltraFine 5K Display is placed within two metres of a WiFi router, interference is caused and disconnections can occur and possibly the associated MacBook Pro could freeze up.

According to LG, these issues stem from poor shielding in the original design. LG Display will resolve this issue by adding extra shielding in new production and retrofitting units already sold.

Apple has now changed its delivery dates for online shipments of the LG display to five to six weeks, having previously been ‘from two to three weeks’ before the issues arose. The display is currently on sale to the end of March for $974, after which the display will be priced at $1299.