Rumour: SDC Ups OLED Investment

There are reports from Business Korea that Samsung Display will raise its investment in flexible OLED panel manufacturing. Specifically, the company will continue to focus on small- and mid-size OLED displays.

Currently, SDC produces its flexible OLED panels at a G6 line in Tangjeong. New rumours say that the company’s L5 G5 LCD plant, in Cheonan, has been shut down to be converted into another flexible OLED facility. The LCD production equipment from the line is now being sold off, an SDC source told D-Daily. Other Asian sources claim that SDC is to shift its focus to G8 facilities, to produce high-resolution LCD panels using an oxide production process.

Analyst Comment

This story has revitalised rumours of Samsung supplying OLED smartphone panels to Apple for the iPhone. (TA)