Roku Adds QLED and MiniLED Pro Series TVs to Lineup

Roku, the leading streaming platform in the US, has unveiled its latest product line, the Roku Pro Series TVs. This new series adds to Roku’s existing range, which includes the Roku Select and Plus Series TVs. The Roku Pro Series is set to be available in the US in spring 2024 (pricing to be under $1,500, according to the company) and will come in three sizes: 55”, 65”, and 75”. The Roku Pro Series TVs are designed with a 4K QLED display and MiniLED zone dimming technology.

Source: Roku

In addition to the Roku Pro Series, Roku has announced the introduction of Roku Smart Picture. This feature, set to be available in spring 2024, will be part of all Roku TV models, including the new Pro Series. Roku Smart Picture uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data from content partners to identify the type of content on the screen and automatically adjusts the picture for an optimized viewing experience. This feature aims to ensure that viewers consistently receive the best possible presentation of their content.