Research Unveils Dual-Functionality Quasicrystal Metasurface for Advanced Holography and Diffraction

Researchers at the Beijing Institute of Technology have developed a new quasicrystal metasurface that can simultaneously generate holographic images and diffraction patterns.

The study, led by Dr. Lingling Huang, presents a new type of surface made up of tiny structures arranged in a special, non-repeating pattern called Penrose tiling. This unique pattern allows the surface to perform two different functions at the same time: creating clear holographic images and producing unique patterns of light. The design combines the unusual arrangement of quasicrystals with advanced technology to achieve these dual capabilities. Essentially, this new surface can project precise 3D images while also displaying distinct light patterns.

“Quasicrystals have unique properties and diffraction patterns,” Dr. Huang explained. “By integrating these features with metasurfaces, we’ve created new possibilities for applications in holographic displays and optical switching”​​.

The research highlights the metasurface’s ability to modulate both phase and amplitude through the arrangement of meta-atoms. This design suppresses the zero diffraction order in the far-field, enhancing the clarity and efficiency of holographic images. The study also demonstrates the metasurface’s broadband properties, indicating its potential for use across various frequencies​​.

The team’s experimental setup showed the quasicrystal metasurface’s capability to reconstruct high-quality holographic images at predefined distances while simultaneously producing intricate diffraction patterns. These findings are supported by both simulations and experimental results, validating the metasurface’s performance and efficiency​​.

Source: eLight Journal

This is the first demonstration of a quasicrystal metasurface achieving such dual functionality and the approach advances the understanding of quasicrystal arrangements and opens up new applications in optical technology. The potential applications for this technology are vast. From holographic displays to secure communication systems and anti-counterfeiting measures.


Xu, C., Zhao, R., Zhang, X. et al. Quasicrystal metasurface for dual functionality of holography and diffraction generation. eLight 4, 9 (2024).