Quality Almost Rivals Content in OTT Importance

A report on OTT TV from Conviva shows that quality is more important to consumers than was thought. 75% of OTT viewers will abandon a poor-quality stream in the first four minutes, the report ( shows. More than 30% said that they would leave OTT services as soon as there is playback degradation, and 20% were less likely to feel secure with a service after a single bad experience.

In related news, a study in the USA by Adobe has shown TV Everywhere (TVE) use surging almost 470% over the last two years. 12.5% of pay-TV subscribers were ‘actively’ watching TVE content in Q4’14, up from 4.4% in Q1’13. The platform is just a few quarters from shifting from one used by early adopters to one used by the early majority, said Adobe. On average, 13 million users watched at least one TVE video per quarter in 2014.