Professional Display Rental Company Orders Samsung Micro LED “Wall”

Lang of Germany, a wholesale rental company (that rents equipment to AV installers) has placed what is believed to be the first order of Samsung’s The Wall Professional indoor Micro LED product for professional use. The display, available in sizes up to 146″, incorporates self-emitting Micro LED pixel modules and supports Ultra HD resolution, with peak brightness of 1,600cd/m². Two units have been ordered and are scheduled for delivery in October 2018.

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Additionally, the company has purchased ten “The View” units, scheduled for delivery later this month. At Full HD resolution, this plug-and-play LED product reaches a screen diagonal of 130″ with a pixel pitch of 1.5mm. The product is delivered in an embedded wall on an electronically adjustable screen lifter.

The View.

Analyst Comment

Although pricing hasn’t been revealed, we have heard unofficially that these units cost around €150,000 each which sounds like a correct number, to us. (BR)